Clean Air Everywhere – Omdat Curaçao schone lucht nodig heeft!

Stichting “Clean Air Everywhere” wil de overheid dwingen om de wetgeving te handhaven en actie te ondernemen tegen de luchtvervuiling op Curacao en onder de rook van de Isla in het bijzonder.

Bewoners hebben het mensen-recht om te kunnen wonen in een veilige ongeving, Op dit moment wordt een groot deel van Curacao vergiftigd door door luchtverontreininging die veroorzaakt wordt door de industrie aan het Schottegat (Isla, Boo, Aqualectra). De overheid is verantwoordelijk om haar inwoners te beschermen tegen gevaarlijke stoffen en dient te handelen tegen deze luchtverontreiniging die elk jaar  erger wordt!

The Curacao Government is responsible to provide a safe living environment for its inhabitants by maintaining the national and international regulations. We hold the Curacao government responsible for not maintaining these regulations and also for not acting against the continuous air-pollution by various parties.

The Curaçao government has a choice to act but decided to ignore the ongoing air-pollution which is a crime according to international standards!


The Isla provides work for numerous people, is part of the island and contributes to the struggling Curaçao Economy. We only want the Isla / BOO / Aqualectra to produce their products in a clean and sustainable way! Which is possible…

It is simple: Money! Since the Curaçao Government does not care the Isla / BOO / Aqualectra spraying toxic waste out of their chimneys, these companies have no need to invest in clean production and use the Isla as a dump for the dirtiest oil available in the world! This means more profit for these parties but illness and eventually death for the Curaçao people breathing their toxic waste!
Yes! In all countries where international regulations are respected, refineries are producing their products in a clean and safe way. Next to this they inform people realtime like in Pernis Rotterdam and have Air-pollution communication plans.
In 2014 the Curacao Government has conducted an investigation after numerous reports of a ‘green’ sunstance in the areas Wishi, Veeris, Marchena, Boca Sami, Klein St. Michiel, Blue Bay and Julianadorp. The report has not been published yet by Minister Whiteman and a new investigation has been announced. It is unknown why the report is not released but it appears that it contains the ‘wrong’ message. Our advisor SMOC explains the ‘green’ substance here.

Mr. Tico Ras, head ‘Dienst Millieu en Natuurbeheer’, states in the A.D. of May 19th that the air probably contains Chromium and Vanadium next to concentrations of particle-pollution. Live measurements of particle pollution and sulfur-dioxide / SO2 can be found here.

It is a fact that the air-pollution contains sulfur-dioxide, vanadium, chromium, particle pollution and other substances. The World Health Organisation has set standards for these pollution-types. Click here for an overview of the measurements or here for realtime measurements.

Pollution type WHO Standard 2011 2012 2013 2014
Beth Chaim SO2 20 63.1 61.4 155.5 170.8 ug/m3
Beth Chaim TSP / Particles 20 46.2 46.2 48.7 55.3 ug/m3
Kas Chikitu SO2 20 52 55.1 96.2 121.9 ug/m3
Kas Chikitu PM10 Particles 20 38.0 39.7 41.4 38.0 ug/m3

ug/m3 = Micrograms per Cubic Meter of Air

Note that the above values are averages. SO2 values can reach over 800 ug/m3 and TPS/PM10 can reach over 600 ug/m3!!!